Mathematics (junior)

Where can I find information about maths (mathematics)?

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Maths (short for mathematics) is all about numbers, patterns and shapes, and how you can learn to use them to solve problems in everyday life.

Maths words

Here are some important words in mathematics:

Adding: Adding two or more numbers together to find the total.

Algebra: Using puzzles to solve problems.

Dividing: Dividing things into equal parts.

Fraction: The name for part of a whole, like a 'half' or 'quarter'.

Geometry: Working with shapes.

Measuring: Using a measuring tool (like a ruler or cup) to find the length or amount of something.

Multiplying: Multiplying numbers like 2 x 2 (including times tables).

Numbers: What we use to count things, like 1, 2, 3.

Subtracting: Taking one number away from another.


These websites are good places to start for maths questions.


DKFindOut! has information on lots of topics including maths. It's especially good for Primary students and it's interactive!

Look for the Maths tile on the front page and from here you can choose your maths topic.

Tips: Websites that have .com or .co in the address can have good information, but you need to assess how reliable it is. Check the About DK link on the website to find out what the company’s mission and values are.

Math is Fun

Math is Fun has lots of fun activities to help you practice your math skills.

You can choose your level from the tabs across the top of the page and there are also games and puzzles for you to do online.

Tips: Math is fun is also a .com website so don't forget to check the About link to find out about the company's beliefs.

Britannica School Primary

Britannica School is one of the EPIC resources and it has lots of good information about maths.

  • Search for 'mathematics'.
  • Look down the page to see all the stories.
  • The story called Mathematics at a glance will tell you about the history of mathematics and famous mathematicians as well as listing important maths words.
  • Search for 'numbers' to find the story Numbers and number systems.
Tips: To get to the EPIC resources you will need a password from your school librarian first. Or you can chat with one of our AnyQuestions librarians between 1 and 6pm Monday to Friday and they will help you online. Some EPIC databases may also be available through your public library.


There are lots of books that can help you understand maths. Here are some titles that you may find in your school or public library:

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