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How does it work?

We welcome classroom sessions on AnyQuestions. These sessions work by a whole class logging in to AnyQuestions through a single computer with the transaction shown on a datashow or something similar. An AnyQuestions librarian then picks up the class and demonstrates how AnyQuestions works and in the process some of the concepts around information literacy.

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We can do these at any time you like (we're not restricted to the AnyQuestions opening hours of 1pm - 6pm weekdays), on anything your students are studying, but we do request you book these with us in advance so we can guarantee your students will be assisted. We do require a couple of days to organise these, especially sessions outside our normal hours.

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Arrange a booking

To arrange a classroom session please send an email to us via with your school, contact information, and the details of your request, including the date(s) and time(s) you would like to book for, topic to be explored and year level(s). We will then get back in touch with you confirming your booking.

If you have made a confirmed booking on AnyQuestions please use the AnyQuestions chat button below.