Promo Material

On this page you will find some things you can use to promote AnyQuestions in your school or library. You can either download and print these items yourself or you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us page and let us know what you require and we will send them out to you.

Please note: to download any of the documents on this page you will need to select the download button and a zip folder or PDF document will be saved to your computer.

Two of the Any Questions bookmarks with student avatars


We have some bookmarks for you to download and use. Each bookmark features a different set of characters, identical to the student characters throughout AnyQuestions.


Two Any Questions posters showing three cartoon students on each looking at digital resources


We have two A3 posters for you to download and use. We have included PDFs which you can print as full colour versions.


The Any Questions logo

We often receive requests for the AnyQuestions logo (so people can use it when linking to AnyQuestions) so we have included a copy for you to use.


An Any Questions flyer with text and chat examples


We have a How It Works flyer for you to download and use. One side of the flyer explains how AnyQuestions works, while the second side breaks down an actual AnyQuestions chat, detailing how we go about answering student queries.