Promo Material

On this page you will find some things you can use to promote AnyQuestions in your school or library. You can either download and print these items yourself or you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us page and let us know what you require and we will send them out to you.

Please note: to download any of the documents on this page you will need to select the download button and a zip folder or PDF document will be saved to your computer.


We have some bookmarks for you to download and use. Each bookmark features a different set of characters, identical to the student characters throughout AnyQuestions.


We have two A3 posters for you to download and use. We have included PDFs which you can print as full colour versions.


We have a How It Works flyer for you to download and use. One side of the flyer explains how AnyQuestions works, while the second side breaks down an actual AnyQuestions chat, detailing how we go about answering student queries.

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Acceptable Use

Acceptable use means acting like a good citizen online. How you behave online should be the same as how you behave offline (in the real world). AnyQuestions is a free service, staffed by real people from libraries right around New Zealand. Please be respectful and polite to our librarians. We like helping people who show good manners :)

We may end a chat session if we think you are being inappropriate or misbehaving, this includes:

  • Using racist/sexist, offensive or obscene language.

    Please don’t use mean or cruel words when talking to or about someone else; whether they are a male or female, or of another race or skin colour. Obscene language means using words that would upset your grandparents!

  • Using the service to transmit messages that harass or threaten the operators.

    Please don’t be mean to our librarians or act like a bully.

  • Visiting an objectionable website while in session with an operator.

    An objectionable website means a website that you really wouldn’t want your grandparents looking over your shoulder at!

  • Deliberately time wasting in a way that denies service to other legitimate users.

    Time wasting means being silly and not working with our librarians. Time wasting means other students are not getting help, and that isn’t nice!

  • Any form of vandalism, including damaging computer systems or networks and knowingly introducing programs such as computer viruses and worms.

    You might be technically savvy and know about web viruses and worms and how they affect computers but please don’t spread these. It takes our attention away from helping you and other students.

  • AnyQuestions reserves the right to disconnect users at the operator’s discretion. AnyQuestions might also block access to the service for repeat offenders.

    If you act like a troll then we’ll end the chat. Remember everything digital or online can be traced and we can track it back to where you came from and/or your school. If you misbehave on AnyQuestions then we will be in touch with your school or we will block you from accessing AnyQuestions.