Tides (junior)

Where can I find information about tides?

Junior Primary

(Years 1-4)

Colour photo of a beach at low tide. There are seagulls on the shoreline and mountains in the distance.

Image: Low tide at the beach by Bernard Spragg. NZ on Wikimedia Commons.

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The regular movement of ocean water on the beach is called tides. High tide is when the water moves furthest up the beach. Low tide is when the water moves furthest from the beach.

General websites

Here are some websites that have information about tides.

DK Find Out!

This is a great site for all information, including tides.

  • Use the search bar and enter 'tides'.
  • Choose the article called tides to explore information and photos of low and high tides.
  • Or you could choose the article what causes tides to find information on how the moon affects tides.

Tips: You can select the words on the diagrams to see definitions, more information and links to other articles.

Elementary (Gale in Context)

Elementary (Gale in Context) is one of the EPIC databases. EPIC is a collection of reliable databases covering lots of different topics. It’s put together especially for New Zealand school students and helps to answer questions like this.

  • Use the search bar and enter 'tides'.
  • Go to Tides to find information, photos and videos on what tides are.
  • For more information about tide schedules and how gravity affects tides, select keep reading.

Britannica School Primary

Britannica School is another one of the EPIC databases. It has information about lots of topics.

  • Use the search bar and enter 'tide'.
  • Choose the first article tide (oceanic movement).
  • You will find information where tides happen, and how the sun and moon affect tides.

Tips: To get to the EPIC resources you will need a password from your school librarian first. Or you can chat with one of our AnyQuestions librarians between 1 and 6pm Monday to Friday and they will help you online. Some EPIC databases may also be available through your public library.


Check your school or public library to see what they have on seasons. Here are some titles to begin with:

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